Story of the Spoons

This project started as a link between two of my loves: grandiose outdoor adventures stirred up with a little ceramic creativity. The result is a spoon with captivating personality. These ceramic spoon ladles are crafted with foraged wood. The handles are made from driftwood and weathered tree branches from the Sierra mountains and local beaches. The best handles have character, they tell a story. They have been washed down raging rivers, buried under long and brutal winters of ice and snow, then scorched through summers of drought. Some have witnessed blazing wildfires, while others are riddled with remnants of Bark Beetle. Most have been trekked out of dense forests via foot, traveled 20 to 40 miles from the back country nestled next to a bear canister. In winter, mountains choose to hibernate during the white frosts prohibiting any decent form of back country travel. Foraging then becomes limited to beaches, where branches are churned and bruised by nearby stormy fierce ocean waves.