Adopted under the name of Rusty, we mostly called him Bo, Rustolium, and Bubbi. His raging tantrums when left home alone is what turned him into a regular at the Berkeley studio. He never much cared for his array of handcrafted doggie bowls, but instead was quite content patiently waiting right outside the mecca where ceramicists unite.

My name is Kristen Gentilucci and this handsome old man was my very stubborn pal. Pottery is my craft; a hobby that consumes every inch of cabinet space. Functionality is my model; minimalist is my style, and the great outdoors is my inspiration. I'm in love with the natural clay body surface and organic form, but it is sparks of color that drive my soul towards happiness. My spoons handles are crafted from wood sticks found in the high sierras and local beaches. Everything for sale is dishwasher, microwave, and oven safe except for the spoons with the wooden handles.

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